Home is where your barber is
Home is where your barber is

Barber Shop in the centre of Brno

Are you looking for a professional and quality barber shop in the centre of Brno?
Then look no further! Our barber shop in the center of Brno offers a wide range of services including customized haircuts, hairdressing services, hair coloring and much more.

Real gentleman's service

For your convenience we have a coffee machine and drinks from the fridge.
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A free haircut from a starter barber?

Our leading barber academy expertly trains the best professionals, and you can become a model for our free, top-quality haircuts. Our students are taught by experienced barbers and receive hands-on training using the latest techniques and tools. By being a model for our students, you'll get the chance to try new styles and cuts, while receiving a professional service for free. Join us and become a part of our mission to shape the future of the barber industry.

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Services and price list

We create stylish men's hairstyles and we do our job well and quickly. Explore our services in more detail.
Classic cut
550 Kč
Grooming short hair from 3 millimetres
350 Kč
Short hair fade, from 0 millimetres
450 Kč
Shaving hair with a razor
500 Kč
Classic cut + Beard contouring with razor
900 Kč
Classic haircut + Beard contouring machine
850 Kč


Our barbers have great talent and a high level of professionalism.
  • Yaroslav
+420 778 493 863
Kobližná 64/10, 602 00 Brno-střed
Open: 10:00 - 22:00, seven days a week
Mail: info@amigosbarbershop.cz
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